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Skyrim is EPIC 3D Skyrim is EPIC 3D

Rated 5 / 5 stars

-Beautiful, just beautiful! [*Ducks and covers*]
'Tis a wonderous sight to see.

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Blue Sky Exterminator - First gameplay trailer (teaser) Blue Sky Exterminator - First gameplay trailer (teaser)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Hello again! I have to say, this looks interesting and surreal! Can't want for the finished game! Good luck!

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realizaestudios responds:

Thanks again! And welcome back. It not has date for launch yet.

Chicks & Sticks Chicks & Sticks

Rated 3 / 5 stars

While I do respect the craftsmanship that is required to make this video, I am however baffled by it's origins: are you representing a new (potential or actual?) branch/medium of xHamster as a fanboy, or as a representative, with actual ties to the "adult" site?

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Battle for the Galaxy Battle for the Galaxy

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Since you people actually respond to reviews (for which I salute you), I have 2 questions which in *my* opinion are important. But first, a quick review:
Interface: good.
Graphics good.
Sprites: good.
Sound: good.
Music: good.
Using crystals and mega deals to tempt player and test their patience and "quick 'n easy, but costly reward" or "same reward, but free if you are patient (*very* patient in this case, as upgrades takes often takes *DAYS* to complete)" mindset: BAD

Here's my 2 questions:

What is the purpose of Experience? I understand it's a reward for completing challenges, but can it actually be *used* for anything? You don't increase in any level by getting experience, as one would think, and I've found no tally of just how much XP I've received. So is this function even necessary?

Why am I FORCED to join a corporation? After getting 30 War-Points, I was immediately led to a "[random (let's say X) corporation] is impressed by your [something]" pop-up screen, and was given a prompt "JOIN CORPORATION X" with no means to leave. I don't want to join a corporation,
I would prefer if you could choose to be a lone base commander.
But such an option was not given or even implied.
I refreshed the tab, WITHOUT JOINING, and when my base was loaded - what did I see? I'm in corporation "X"! I was involuntary enlisted into something I had NO INTENTION of joining!
This is just cruel. Please answer me just what made you guys include this... action!

Thank you for your time and effort if you respond to this lenghty review. Have a nice day!
-E. A. J.

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AMT-Games responds:

Experience is somewhat the measure of your progress through the game, you gain experience for every action - building,attacking, winning leagues and wars, even removing garbage. Your experience levels is shown next to your name. It's purely for understanding how advanced is player you met. If you experience level is 40 and you see a base with experience level 100, you would probably understand - owner of that base has a lot stronger buildings, modules, units and other stuff. It's not anyhow affecting matchmaking though.

Open your profile, and under corporate name there is another "profile" button, click on it and you will see corporate profile, where you can leave corporation and play as a independent commander or find a different corporation in chat, or join your friends, or make your own corporation.

Sim Apocalypse Sim Apocalypse

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

There are too many random variables and factor to make this an enjoyble game. Sure, the concept was interesting, but I found the execution of this game sluggish, to say the least.

A number of people have already voiced their displeasure regarding the lack of actual gameplay, and I must say I agree with them. I think this game sorely needs a reboot so that we can actually influence the course of action after the scenario-picker. Upgrades, both passive and active would also help to make this simulation better.

The music was decent, but became incessant and a little obnoxious after a while. I'm glad there was a mute button. However, when I had muted the music, I was a little disappointed with the absolute silence, broken only by the occasional medal achievement. Additional sound effects would be great.

Also, I discovered to my great dismay and horror that the foul being known as Justin Bieber joined my group. So I concluded that a suicide should also be an option. Either due to someone you dislike greatly joins your survivor group, or because you get infected and will eventually die, anyway.

I think this game is a small step back regarding your idle games, Blobzone. I know you can do better! I enjoyed "Battleground Legends", because of the sound effects, gameplay, events and the sheer amounts of combinations of weapons and gear it had.
This game, "Sim Apocalypse", *do* have a lot of combinations, but a little freedom of choice wouldn't hurt! Because of all my aforementioned reasons, I give this game 2.5 stars.

Blobzone responds:


i totally get what you (and a lot of others) are saying. Of course the game as it is, can be seen as a pure idle game without any active gameplay elements so far besides the rolling and point distribution.

A lot of people seem to enjoy the game though. May it be the humor, the references or just the idea of it. And i appreciate that.

I actually put so much thought into the content of the game, like names, weapon types, food types, scenarios etc that i totally forgot about more active gameplay elements, but also because i thought it would be "good" that way.

In hindsight i realize that the game could have been better. A lot of ideas i read here are really good and i will probably use them when i "reboot" the game or else said: make a second part.

It would be easier to make a second part than trying to change this game (since i would have to change a lot of gameplay mechanics to make all the changes possible.)

So, besides from some balancing issues this game stands as it is.

Ps: Some people wouldnt regard this as a game, but thats ok with me :)

Pps: I like turtles!

----------- ,-"""-.--------------------
--- oo. _/ \___/ \------------------
----------- /_// \\_\--------------

Muchroom 0.5 Muchroom 0.5

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Visually, the game is bad.
The controls are bad.
No sound... is bad.

HOWEVER, the CONCEPT of a mushroom shooting spores to manifest somewhere else is quite interesting. Redo the game in a more advanced flash game maker if you have the skills, and you might be on to something!

And yes, I did read your author comments. I don't think you should've uploaded this in the first place; it lack so many things to make it a game worth playing. Add them, and it might actually stay on Newgrounds. Good luck onwards, then!

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StuffedWombat responds:

hi james,

in what way do you think the visuals are bad? I need a place where I could start working on. It just being bad (in your opinion) is not constructive enough to actually improve anything :)
Same goes for controls.

I am glad that you liked the concept!

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Ganondorf- LoZ: The Wind Waker Commission (Thickened Outline Sketch) Ganondorf- LoZ: The Wind Waker Commission (Thickened Outline Sketch)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Ah, I see you got the entire drawing in the shot, as well! Good!
Is Ganondorf some kind of warrior-monk?
Cool swords, by the way!
I'm not familiar with LOZ. Can you be bothered to give me a quick crash-course?

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NostalgicNerd94 responds:

No Ganondorf is a villain in the Legend of Zelda series. :)

Ajin Crossover hentai Ajin Crossover hentai

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I see you pay great attention to detail. Kudos!
Great skin/textures! What program did you use?
From the jewelry and eyes, to the arm-glove and the... nether regions, are all very well made!
Is the translucent floral pattern near the bottom (no pun intended) your signature?
Last question: What if the genders were reversed? Would he "disguise" his phallus as a joystick?

ArtbySolly responds:

Thank u so much! Tried my best with every detail i could catch especially the gems ive tried few dif ways b4 doing them for this piece..xD
And yap its my signature near the bottom just a tiny hint like a watermark not unseeable but also not to bothering in the total view
The programm i use is actually an app called "SketchClub" (im drawing on ipad pro 12'9+apple pencil)
Bout ur last question well not sure xD maybe but hes the kinda emotionless villain in the series hes just bout terrorism and gaming (still having a badass crush *cough) thats why i came up with the idea of the joystick "bodypaint" afterwards the sketch was done alrdy

Takeru (Light Outline Sketch) Takeru (Light Outline Sketch)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good work!
Yeah, reckon the entwinging/over/interlapping of the tails was a pain to draw, indeed!
(but Hell has 9 circles, 1 for every tail :P )
Takeru sounds like an interesting individual!
Is his solitude the result of an event, or did he choose to live in isolation,
before he had a change of heart?

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NostalgicNerd94 responds:

It's actually a little bit of both. :)