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Lonelly Mind Lonelly Mind

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Windy day, open window, a picture in a frame standing in it... the glass in the picture cracked? Or is it a person? Hmm...
23 marks on the wall under it... a rack wiiith a flute?
I'm not sure about the card-thing down and to the left.

Based on the title, and what I think when I see this, I think the story behind this is:
The person the things belong to are missing the person in the picture, they have marked on the wall how many days it has been since they last saw each other, and to reduce the pain of missing them, the person opened the window, and played the flute, thinking fondly of their dear friend.

MinecraftGirl2 responds:

your very observant and got most things correct. i'm suprised you saw a flute (i don't see it) but it is an intressting twist to the story to be honest and i really like that. (this is what i wanted to hear, a story from someone elses mind what they think it is) this makes me really happy to read ^_^
thank you.
I really like the story you thought off, and what details you used to make the story ^_^

Shattered (Inktober day 10) Shattered (Inktober day 10)

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Awww poor person :/
Going through so much, yet feel they should hide their struggle, keep the mask on...
Are the wrappings/bandages on their arm part of the costume design or to hide marks from self-harm there?
Great job on this, Nyana :)

MinecraftGirl2 responds:

it's kinda a symbol. the bandages i mean and on the same time it is not. i kinda wanted to make a peace that i could relate to in ways. what i had in mind for the drawing was that the person has alot of problems in there head but doesn't seek help for it. that means hide it from others and keep going. it is what people feel somethimes. that they have to hide there feelings to be noticed or to be seen as a nice person. of course this doesn't count for everyone but that is what i wanted to show. it's a huge symbol that represents a peace of my life i guess.

anyway i'm really glad you like it ^_^

Sketch book Drawing 2 Sketch book Drawing 2

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Nice :D
With those somewhat-pointed ears she reminds me of a forest-elf ^^
Does that tiara have thorns or horns as decoration?

MinecraftGirl2 responds:

yah she is an elf so you saw that right and she has baby deer hornes or that is what it is suposed to look like. anyway glad you like it ^_^

Freddy, my fucking face is gone Freddy, my fucking face is gone

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Oufh - interesting, unnerving, morbid, grotesque, detailed... I like it!
(do I even dare ask what material you studied to be able to make this? Guess I just did :S )

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FEDEV responds:


I simply looked at pictures and drawings of rabbits' bone and muscle structures on google. Doing the "face" (actually the part that's lacking it) was half looking closely at said pictures and half guessing, since I'd only get pictures of a full skull or a skull split in half from the side, not from the front.

So yeah, I think this is as accurate as you can get without actually murdering a rabbit :P

Sketch book Drawing 1 Sketch book Drawing 1

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I like her :)
For some reason she just feels motherly to me... not sure why...
(do you see it as well, or do you disagree?)
Her hair is lovely! Good job on that, as well as her crooked smile, that reminded me of Mona Lisa :)

MinecraftGirl2 responds:

haha thank you ^_^
(and unfortunally i don't see the motherly figure but for everyone it's different so don't worry ;) )
i'm glad you like it :D

Cloud Picture. Cloud Picture.

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I like this :)
It's nice to see you use your new talent in drawing these wonderful clouds in this beatiful style... but it's tragic to hear someone will leave you under those circumstances :(
I hope the times you had with this person was interesting, fun, and happy.You have my sympathy, and empathy, Nyana.

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Scavenger Scavenger

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Woah, this is awesome! Well done!
I see some metal here and there (the springs on the legs are great!)... but I wonder:
What did you make the main body out of? Resin? Worbla? Foam?
And are the legs and weapon movable?

(I would *really* like some Fallout ...#3 is my favorite :) )

MassGas responds:

Thanks. That may sounds funny but only I used to make body was few screws, nuts, pen cartridges and some super glue XD I suprised that worked. The ground objects I made easier way. I made skull with eraser (hard to modeing but works preety well). and I used old RC car parts to make racks. And to design it a bit I used items I found acidently on the ground. Unfortunly. it`s not movable but I though about that. but I wanted to stay in Warhammers conception so I made it 100% static. Honestly I was never plaing Fallout. Untill now I was inspiring mostly by Neuroshima`s robots made by Moloch but I want to check that game.

Megical Tree Megical Tree

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This is cool! I think the roots looks like lighnting, and the branches look like fire!

MinecraftGirl2 responds:

Thank you ^_^
and never thought about it that way.

A Cloudy Night. A Cloudy Night.

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Spectacular! Those clouds reminds me of the waves and clouds drawn in the old Japanese art-style, on scrolls and whatnot :)
I love that you decided to share this with us!

MinecraftGirl2 responds:

i really like this peace as well and love those old japanese scrolls they are fasinating to look at. but thanks it's a huge compliment that they look like that ^_^

Cat Creature (Line art) Cat Creature (Line art)

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That's the way it can easily become with pen/ink marker. Talking from experience.

Hmm... are those two small horns by his ears?

Glad to have you back on NG, and welcome back from vacation, as well :)

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NostalgicNerd94 responds:

Thanks. :)