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Greetings! I'm a huge fan of Fallout and Elder Scrolls. I love art in all forms. I like reading, both fiction and nonfiction. As for music, the only bands I need are MetallicA and Iron Maiden. Thank you for visiting my profile! Have a great day onwards!

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I'm in the US of 'murica!

2015-11-05 02:51:03 by JamesHatfeld

Hello again, Newgrounds! I know it's been a while since my last post here, but I haven't experienced anything I felt urgent to share with the rest of the world. Until now!


I'm in the U.S. now, before I got here I "served" another season at the Lofotr Longhouse (similar to what I did last season, except there was now new colleagues. Great and interesting people!). I've been working there 2 summers in a row, and I would very much like to work there again when the time comes around. I'll reinitiate contact with the curator when it is time.


But, I digress. I went to the U.S. in early October to participate in the New York Comic-Con. It was amazing! Truly! A bit too crowded for my taste, but the number of attendees over the 4 days the convention was held reached 170 THOUSAND! So the convention in itself was quite a feat to pull of alone, so kudos to all the invicible personell that made the C-C what it was!


Did I wear a costume? Yes. It was from the Fallout franchise, more specifically Fallout 3. The outfit is basically an Armored RobCo jumpsuit (complete with logo on back) the Ghoul Mask, and the Alien Blaster. I had lots of additional props on my person, like a keychain with old keyes, Energy Cells (ammuntion for one-handed energy weapons), RadAway, bottlecaps, and other Fallout stuff. Originally I was going to wear a Pip-Boy 3000A, a fancy wrist-watch that is iconic to the franchise, but I didn't receive it in time. The jumpsuit belonged to my father, he used it as labor-coveralls, which ment it was already heavily worn, stitched, and sun-bleached on some areas by the time I found it.

The Alien Blaster was bought from Etsy, for a reasonable fee. It has functional LED wiring throughout the gun, as well as funtioning reloading mechansim  with the Alien Power Cell that comes with it. The prop maker goes by the name of TheWastelander. He provides great dualogue and customer service, just so you know.


The Ghoul Mask is custom-made by an artistic friend of me. She's on Newgrounds, actually! Her profile name is bella-art. She does commissions whenever she has the time to work on them (note that she is almost always working on *something*, and when I asked her if she tired of it, she said no, never, because she enjoys it so much). She takes her work really personal and professional at the same time, and she can draw or paint just about anything you can imagine, in case you got some "ideas" you would like to see to fruition, including NSFW-material. I've got a couple of works by her, myself, and communication with her before, during, and after she finished the commissions were phenomenal! She was present at the C-C, which is partly why I flew across the Atlantic all the way from Norway. 2 birds with 1 stone, they say. I was successful in encountering her and her boyfriend which was a absolute joy!

Since they are both artists and exceptional with pencils (and the like), I observed them working together on a Sci-Fi-comic Bella was working on, an interesting sight to behold. You may ask yourself "if she's a pencil artist, how come she managed to make the mask?" To that, I will answer "connections". Bella has been an artist for quite some time, not only with pencils, but she has done some sculpting work as well, and she is capable with needle and thread. But the real mastermind behind the mask was her mother, who creates costumes (dresses, gowns, those sorts of things) in Tel Aviv, Bella's country of residence. After I introduced Bella to the Fallout universe, and expressed my desire to go to the Comic-Con dressed with the Ghoul Mask (which is basically the facial skin of several Zombies cut off and made into a mask, so the Feral Ghouls won't eat you), she explained that she might be able to help me with that. So I sent her some pictures of the mask and some measurements, and she said that she and her mother will give it a go. So out into the city she went, and bought several scraps of leather of different color, and in the end, it was downright identical to the mask in Fallout 3, right down to the number of seams (pseudo-seams in real life) under the right eye. She painted the leather fantasically, complete with ear-remains, blood splatter here and there, and went for a shoelace mechanism in the back for opening/closing the mask. So that's the history behind that item.


So, when the Comic-Con was over, I shipped the outfit and most of the props back home (no reason to carry all that cumbersome deadweight), and spent a week in south Brooklyn, in a great hostel on Moore Street (Moore Hostel), and did all the "touristy" things: Times Sq, Liberty Island, Hard Rock Café (I collect clothing from the restaurants all over the world), Empire State Building, etc. I spent two weeks in NY, one in 42nd st., Manhattan, close to the shipyards and the Javits Center, where the C-C was held.


After that I went to Washington, D.C., and walked in the footsteps of The Lone Wanderer, the player character in Fallout 3. I also went to the National Mall (Lincoln Memorial, the top of the Washington Monument, stairs of the Capitol Building, Natural History Museum, Aerospace Museum, and so on). I also went to Arlington National Cemetary, The Pentagon, and Roosevelt Memorial Island, which are all represented in the game. I spent a week in DC, before I took a plane to McCarran Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada, where I've been for the past 2 weeks.


Here in Nevada I've been walking in the footsteps of The Courier, the player character of another game in the Fallout franchise, Fallout: New Vegas. I started my journey chronologically (McCarran doesn't really count at this point) in Goodsprings, and got a ride by one of the workers in Goodsprings General Store to Primm. From there I followed the I-15 towards California, took a left down the road towards a small but picturesque settlement by the name of Nipton. I spent a night there, and then walked onwards towards Searchlight. I reached it, and lived quite well there for 5 nights, at a motel named El Rey (the funny thing is, there is an El Rey motel in Fallout: New Vegas, it's located right outside McCarran!). I took a hike to Cottonwood Cove, and enjoyed the sunset and begging of a multitude of birds that were after my trekking supplies. I went back to Searchlight, spent some time in the McDonalds(TM) there, due to free beverage refill and free Wi-Fi access.


Then I started down the long walk towards Nelson, the small remains of a Mining Boom town. I walked for about 3 hours, then a gentleman in his early 50s (I reckon) offered to give me a lift to whereever I was headed. I accepted, and was driven to Nelson, which proved to be quite the sight. I've seen sandstorms, rainstorms, hail, the potent stars of the desert night sky, unshackled by any lamp posts or city lights, and strange and random junk people have tossed out the window for unknown reasons (a wire cutter, gloves, a cell phone cover, underpants, and more bottlecaps than I care to count (I've found about 30, I think.) BUT, the ancient preserved buildings of the Old Nelson was really special. The landscape, too, was Arizona-esque, with spires jutting from the beige rock near the route down to the Colorado River. Anyway, I was hesitant to get out of the car I found myself in because of the rain we experienced. It was no mere drizzle, let me tell you! No, the rain POURED down, exploding loudly on the windshield (there was even a few minutes of hail!). Bill, the driver, told me that it was close to flash flood material, right there. So we went back up through Nelson, and towards Boulder City and Hoover Dam, my next destination. Bill dropped my off at the Nevada Inn, before he drove back home to Henderson. I'll stay the night here, and then follow the old railroad tracks (supply railroad for the Dam under it's construction) to the dam in the morning. So that's my U.S. trip so far hooribly downscaled, though. If there are anything you've read in the text you would like embellished, please let me know.

On a side note, I've slept outside 5 nights in total so far.


Also, I have no grammar correction while I'm writing this, so if there are any typos, then... well, they're there. This gargantuan pile of text is too damn long for me to proof-read tonight!

Alright, now for the pictures!


Full body shot. The brown bits on my legs and shoulders are actual iron, FYI.


3735214_144670922842_AlienBlaster2.jpgIn the IV bag there's apple juice.



The pictures were taken from here:


The photographer showed up in a Vault suit, and gathered as many people with Fallout inspired costumes as he could find, and we had a little photo shoot with him. Great guy!

Unfortunately, I've yet to transfer any pics from my camera to my laptop, so the exhibition, arcitecture, landscape and misc. photos will have to come later. If you have read *all* of the text above: Thank you. If you haven't: Damn you.

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